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What do You Expect from God? Keys to accepting what He gives you

Do you ever wonder why God doesn’t give you or grant you certain things? The answer to this question is a part of the basic gospel. As Christians, we often hear about how and why God grants us certain things that we ask for and why He does not. In theory, it seems easy to just to accept what God has given you even if it’s not what you asked for or what you want. However, in reality, it is much more difficult to be willing to live in the will of God for your life.


Maybe it’s bad health, not enough money, marriage problems, other family problems, et cetera. Everyone has something that they would like to change in their life that they are living with right now. So I think the question should be, what is God’s purpose for your life and why does He have you where you are now? Although you may not know the answer to this question, here are a few keys to accept where God has you where you are now and what to expect from Him going forward...

1. As a believer, you know that God works everything works for good in your life. (Rom 8:28)

2. Look back on your life, who have you blessed as a fellow believer? How has your life helped the poor, the widows, the church body, family or even strangers that you don’t know. If you can relay the situations where you know that the life of Christ in you has touched someone elses life; then you know that you are being used by God in His purpose for your own life.

3. Although it is sometimes hard to gauge, think about how your walk with God has grown in your lifetime. How far have you come as a believer in Christ and how have you matured as a Christian? Sometimes in order to be sure of the future, we have to look in the past. If you have walked with God for many years then you should be able to see just how much closer you are the Christ than you were years ago. Your situations in life have made much of that possible as God uses those things to work in your life.

So, what should you expect from God in the future?

In Acts 3, Peter heals a lame man. Although I have read this story repeatedly, I never fully realized the meaning until I heard a preacher expound on some of the deeper meanings in this story. We see that the lame man was brought to the temple daily to ask for money. We also see that when Peter and John walked by him that he was expecting money from them. This lame man’s goal was to receive just enough to get by. Think of this situation in our times. Many Christians come to church as spiritual beggars expecting to receive scraps just to get by. Not only was this man healed, but I believe his eyes were opened to what the power of God truly was. What do you think he expected of God from that day forward? I don’t believe he continued as a beggar. We don’t know for sure but, perhaps we can imagine this man’s testimony in the church of that day. The lesson here is to seek greater things from the Lord.

Don’t just settle for the scraps that you ask for. Expect God’s power to change your life and heal your spiritual lameness but keep in mind that your situation in life is a way for God to prepare you to receive greater things.

Accept where God has you so He can use that to cause you can grow and receive more than you ever could have before.


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                             1 Thessalonians 5:11

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