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Pastor Jerry and Hanna Alway

Pastor Jerry and Hanna Alway have been pastoring Grace Tabernacle Church in Northern Virginia since 1999. Prior to that, they were missionaries for 11 years to the nation of Guatemala. While there Pastor Alway directed an orphanage for some of the most needy children and worked among the poorest to help bring them food and care. Jerry and Hanna also helped run a private grade school, a Bible school, and the home church there in Guatemala. Currently Pastor Alway is an International Board Member of a fellowship of churches and continues to travel to minister in other countries. 

In the year 2000 God led the Always back to the United States calling them to intercessory prayer. Since they began “America Pray Now” this calling is being fulfilled with many others who are joining with this ministry. As America Pray Now continues to grow, their hope is that God will use it in many places throughout the United States to bring a visitation. Pastor Alway has also helped found a ministry called “The Great Commission Club” where Christians are equipped with the necessary skills to share the gospel with others.

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