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Weekly Prayer Spotlight - Gov. Mike Pence on Religious Freedom

Dear Readers, I would like to ask that we take this week to fervently pray for Gov. Mike Pence from Indiana. He signed into law a religious freedom bill that protects Christians in Indiana from the gay rights movement and he is now being excoriated as a result. Businesses and organizations across the country have been coming out against him, some even going so far to say he needs to resign. Gov. Pence has taken a stand for righteousness and is trying to protect our liberty and as a result is now facing the onslaught of the wicked. As you know there are a number of Christians around the country who are at risk of losing their business and livelihood because they could not serve a homosexual couple due to their religious convictions. And that number is growing! If Christians do not stand behind Gov. Pence it will be our loss. Please join me this week to pray for him! Thank you, Team GT

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                             1 Thessalonians 5:11

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