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Weekly Prayer Spotlight: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses Congress to Stop Iran Nuke Deal

Netanyahu: I’m Coming to US to Stop Iran Nuke Deal

28 February 2015


Days before a politically fraught speech before Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his trip to the nation’s capital is a bid to stop a U.S.-brokered nuclear deal with Iran.

In his most direct remarks about a March 3 speech that’s riled the White House, some Democratic lawmakers and Jewish groups, Netanyahu told Kol Barama, a conservative Jewish radio station, he’s “going to the [United States] to try to stop the emerging agreement that is a danger to the State of Israel,” the Times of Israel reports.

“It is my duty as Israeli prime minister, and as one who looks out for the future of the Jewish people, to do everything possible to convince the sole body [Congress] capable of perhaps preventing such a deal.”

According to the newspaper, Netanyahu’s visit puts the Jewish state on a crash coarse with the Obama administration as it negotiates with Iran over its nuclear program – with the prime minister intending to argue that rather than easing sanctions against Iran, the world should be increasing pressure.

As Christians, we encourage you to pray for Netanyahu. Obama has threatened him by making it clear that he will regret addressing the congress on this subject. This tells us a lot about our current president, a president who treats our allies with distain, refuses to welcome them nor meet with them, and who also welcomes our enemies and the muslim brotherhood frequently into the white house. If this does not bother you as an American citizen, and most importantly as a Christian who should be firstly a friend and prayer warrior for Israel, you may need to dig deep on your convictions and see what is missing in your convictions and spiritual life. Netanyahu will be addressing Congress on Tuesday, please keep in your prayers for the ears of congress to be opened and for the safety of the Prime Minister.


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